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Trešnjevka – South

The district covers the part of Zagreb south from Zagrebačka avenija, west from Savska cesta, north from the river Sava, and east from Savska Opatovina.


The district covers the urban part along Ilica Street, west from Republika Austrija Street, and urban residential quarters on the slopes of Medvednica: Jelenovac, Vrhovec, Šestinski dol, Sveti Duh, Bijenik, Lukšići, Mikulići, Fraterščica and parts of Kustošija (Kustošija - Centre, Gornja Kustošija, Graberje, Završje i Krvarić).

Gornja Dubrava (Upper Dubrava)

The district covers the northern part of Dubrava, which consists of numerous semi-urban residential quarters: Branovec, Čučerje, Dankovec, Dubec, Granešina, Granešinski Novaki, Jalševec (Zagreb), Miroševec, Novoselec, Oporovec, Retkovec, Trnovčica.

Donja Dubrava (Lower Dubrava)

The district covers the part of Dubrava south from Avenija Dubrava, which consists of numerous semi-urban residential quarters, such as Čulinec, Retkovec and Trnava.


City district of Stenjevac is located on the west side of the City of Zagreb. According to the average inhabitant's age, it's one of the youngest districts. Two thirds of the area is urbanised, the eastern part being predominantly residential with residential quarters such as Špansko, Malešnica and a part of Stenjevec.

Podsused – Vrapče

The district covers the western part of the city, north of the railway line.

Podsljeme – Forest near the City

Podsljeme is a district in the City of Zagreb that covers residential quarters in the northern part of the City on the slopes of Medvednica. It covers Šestine, Mlinovi, Gračani, Markuševec and Vidovec. It's a quiet neighbourhood with numerous family houses and residential villas.

Sesvete - the exit of the City to the East of Croatia

Sesvete is the most easterly located city district of the administrative area of the City of Zagreb.


Brezovica, as a residential quarter of the City of Zagreb and it encompasses 20 independent settlements. It is mostly a neighbourhood with family houses, business premises but also family-farms.

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