Peščenica – Žitnjak – the Business Zone of Zagreb

The district covers the urban zone that continues to the eastern part of the Lower Town, as well as residential quarters Volovčica, Borongaj, Ferenščica, Borovje and Folnegovićevo naselje. There are also semi-urban residential quarters such as Kozari Bok, Kozari Putovi, Vukomerec, etc.
Zagreb mosque and Islamic Centre are also located there (Folnegovićevo naselje), as well as numerous industrial plants on the area of Žitnjak.
This district has developed into a strong business area in Vukovarska Street and Radnička Street, where many banking and financial institutions have their headquarters set in many modern business venues, such as Green Gold, Zagreb Tower and other buildings and business centres.
There is only a 15-minute drive from the Domovinski Bridge to the Zagreb Airport, which is an advantage of this business district.

As Zagreb developed strongly in economic and industrial terms at the beginning of the 1960s, the settlements were built over Sava, the City spreading from the Lower Town to the south in the direction of Velika Gorica and Sisak.
New Zagreb was created, later divided into two districts - Novi Zagreb - East and West. The Velika Gorica road reaches the airport within the 15 minutes

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