Novi Zagreb (New Zagreb) – East

The district covers residential quarters Dugave, Hrelić, Jakuševec, Sloboština, Sopot, Središće, Travno, Utrina and Zapruđe, as well as sub-urban areas Buzin and Veliko Polje.
The Museum of Contemporary Art (MSU) was opened in 2009 and is actually a masterpiece of modern Croatian architecture. The museum also has a library, a multimedia hall, a bookstore, a VIP salon, a café, a restaurant, a pedagogical hall and a suite for guests and curators.
The Park and Lake Bundek are favourite locations for walks, children's outdoor games and in the summer months and they provide a haven from the heat for Zagreb’s citizens and visitors.
One of the most popular landmarks of this quarter is the fairground Hrelić, where visitors can find almost everything - from the needle to the locomotive.
Waste landfill Jakuševac is located on the edge quarter towards the East.

Fixed conversion rate: 1 EUR = 7.53450 kn

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