New construction and property projects

Stambeni objekt Zagreb, Peščenica-Ivekovićeva ul. / F5

Zagreb - Ferenščica

Surface: from 42,32 m² to 78,46 m²

Price m²: 12.223,96 kn/m²

Price m²: 1.650,00 €/m²

Stanovi Zagreb, Selska ul. - stambeni objekt S

Zagreb - Trešnjevka

Surface: from 36,59 m² to 108,64 m²

Price m²: 14.742,84 kn/m²

Price m²: 1.990,00 €/m²

Projekt Starački dom, Krapinske toplice

Krapinske toplice

Surface: 1.568,00 m²

Stambeni objekt Zagreb, Peščenica-Ivekovićeva ul. / F4

Zagreb - Ferenščica

Surface: from 39,92 m² to 88,99 m²

Price m²: 11.483,11 kn/m²

Price m²: 1.550,00 €/m²


Zagreb - Špansko

Surface: from 92,90 m² to 96,08 m²

Price m²: from 11.631,28 to 12.223,96 kn/m²

Price m²: from 1.570,00 to 1.650,00 €/m²


Biograd na Moru

Surface: from 67,04 m² to 252,82 m²

Red Harbour resort, located in a pine forest and along the coast. The geographical location is located in the center (heart) the Adriatic Sea, ...

Stambena zgrada F1 - Špansko, Stenjevečki odvojak

Zagreb - Špansko

Surface: from 32,20 m² to 79,78 m²

Price m²: 10.890,44 kn/m²

Price m²: 1.470,00 €/m²

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