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 The City of Zagreb, capital of Croatia, located on the historic and political threshold between East and West Europe, illustrates both the continental and Mediterranean spirit, joining them into a new and exciting culture.

Donji grad (Lower Town)

Zagreb's central square - Ban Josip Jelačić Square - is the beginning of a series of squares and city parks shaped into a famous Lenuci's "Green horseshoe ", named after the urban architect who created it.

Gornji grad (Upper Town) – Medveščak

The quarter actually includes the first settlements, later serving as ground for the development of the City of Zagreb. These are the hills of Gradec and Kaptol, and areas on the slopes of Medvednica - Šalata and Tuškanac.


The city district Trnje has the most beautiful position in the City of Zagreb of all the city districts - it is mostly located on the river Sava and geographically it is in the very centre of the City.

Maksimir – Zagreb's "Central Park"

Maksimir is a district of the City of Zagreb which comprises the park-forest also called Maksimir after which the whole district and a Maksimir Stadium got its name.

Peščenica – Žitnjak – the Business Zone of Zagreb

The district covers the urban zone that continues to the eastern part of the Lower Town, as well as residential quarters Volovčica, Borongaj, Ferenščica, Borovje and Folnegovićevo naselje.

Novi Zagreb (New Zagreb) – East

The district covers residential quarters Dugave, Hrelić, Jakuševec, Sloboština, Sopot, Središće, Travno, Utrina and Zapruđe, as well as sub-urban areas Buzin and Veliko Polje.

Novi Zagreb (New Zagreb) – West

The district includes the following densely populated residential quarters: Lanište, Kajzerica, Remetinec, Siget, Savski gaj, Trnsko, Trokut and less urbanized units Blato, Botinec, Podbrežje, Tromostovlje and Sveta Klara.

Trešnjevka – North

The district Trešnjevka covers the part of Zagreb south of the railway line, north of Ljubljanska avenija and Zagrebačka avenija, and between the streets Savska cesta and Zagrebačka cesta.

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